Mapping Washington’s 7th Congressional District Primary Results

Let’s take a quick tour through local electionland. The race to replace retiring Congressman Jim McDermott is on — it’s Pramila Jayapal v. Brady Walkinshaw in November. Jayapal made a statement with her commanding victory in the August 2nd primary, winning 43% of the vote. Walkinshaw squeezed in second with 21%, besting Joe McDermott’s 19%. But you knew that already. You’re hear because you want to see where Jayapal’s support was strongest in this low-turnout primary – right?

For that, we have the final election precinct reports from King County Elections (very useful, thank you KC!). Let’s have a look.

First, in the spirit of democracy, let’s map every vote cast and see how that looks.


Much of Jayapal’s support came in the northern section of this oddly-shaped district. Support appears strong in Capitol Hill as well as in North Seattle and weaker in Magnolia and West Seattle, where there is a flurry of Joe McDermott dots. To see Jayapal’s win more clearly, the following shows the percentage she won in each precinct:


She won many of the dense precincts in the heart of Capitol Hill and dominated Ballard, Wallingford, and parts of the University District. Let’s see where Walkinshaw posted his best scores using the same groupings as above:


Walkinshaw struggled to win the majority of votes in many precincts, controlling only a few in northern Capitol Hill and near Madison Park. A similar map shows that McDermott had a similar level of control over the West Seattle vote, but did not win many majorities, splitting these areas with the other candidates. Notably, he did very poorly in neighborhoods north of the canal.


Fun right? Final results for all candidates, here.





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