blockgrp_race | mapping every person in king county and their race with the latest census data

This collection is inspired by this excellent web map, which used 2010 block-level census data to map every person in the country and their race. As that map shows, as well as the one below, many of our cities are still very segregated. Some maps by some folks at UW also recently examined this reality in South Seattle.

The maps below use block group level (larger than census blocks, but the smallest geography the Census Bureau publishes data on in between the decennial census) data on the racial makeup of King County. Using a dot density map is a great way to illustrate the racial makeup of a city, but I have some qualms.  Census geographies vary in their population, and keeping the same scale across a single map (keeping the dots the same size) means that some areas end up with a bucket of dots. It can be especially confusing when a very dense geography is also very diverse, as in South Seattle. To address some of this, I have added a limited amount of transparency to all of the dots, which you can see when you zoom in far enough on the hi-res version.

The data is pulled from the 2010 – 2014 American Communities Survey.

Each dot represents one person, placed at random within each block group.

Let’s take a look at some initial maps.


Explore the full resolution version here.

The Eastside is very different picture. Here you see concentrations of Asian residents and a very limited amounts of Black residents. It’s interesting to see that while there is a sizable Asian population in Bellevue, it is largely clustered in a few areas with higher density. Keep in mind that in both Seattle and beyond, the density can be heavily influenced by a sole large apartment complex, but can make a much larger block group look very diverse. (As noted in the article above).


South King County, of course, is very diverse in many places, especially in Tukwila and Skyway (the northeast corner):




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